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Enable ultimate 3D modeling freedom for mechanical designers with the latest transformations in assembly design and manufacturing documentation.



Assembling/Disassembling Animations

You can create high-quality videos with assembly/disassembly instructions, in combination with camera movement and parametric changes, using the Exploded Representations tool in BricsCAD Mechanical’s Animation Editor.



Sheet metal with T-connected Flanges

It’s easy to connect sheet metal flanges with T-junctions and T-tabs in BricsCAD Mechanical V21.


Tabs-and-Slots for lofted Bends

Sheet metal tab features can be created along curved edges.

Sheet Metal Bevels

Sheet metal bevel features (chamfers at the end of flanges) are automatically recognized by the SMCONVERT workflow.

drawing-views Advanced BOM Manager
The BOM (Bill of Materials) Manager has been greatly enhanced with new features, like custom columns, advanced column filters, aggregation by parameter and much more. 


Analytical sheet metal unfolding

Flat patterns for conical and cylindrical lofted bends are computed analytically, to provide more accurate unfolded geometry.


Automatic sheet metal Junction creation

When the need for a junction in a sheet metal part is obvious, these junctions are automatically created on hard edges. This automation drastically reduces the time required to create parts that properly unfold.

Sheet metal Properties per body

When working with multi-body sheet metal parts in BricsCAD Mechanical V21, you can assign specific properties (for example, thickness or bend table) to each body.

Sheet metal Bends with zero radius

When converting a solid to a Sheet Metal part, BricsCAD Mechanical V21 automatically recognizes bends with a radius of zero. It’s no longer necessary to manually repair said bends to properly unfold the part.