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AutoCAD & IntelliCAD w/o AutoLINE
AutoLINE makes it easy to create and modify new linetypes. With dialog box functionality all you do is point and click. Creating shapes is easy too because AutoLINE will convert all your blocks into shapes! Creating linetypes with AutoCAD is difficult: you have to use a text editor and remember the exact syntax, otherwise you get an error. Not only that, you have to create your own shapes. That's difficult, even for a programmer!
AutoLINE has three options for text and symbol rotation: A Real number, Aligned, or Adjusted. With Adjusted rotation, text is rotated with the line but always faces down or to the right. With AutoCAD your options are to have text rotated with the line or have it always rotated at the same angle. This means that your text must all be at rotation 0 or else it would be drawn upside down! How useful is that?
AutoLINE has the bugs worked out of it. This is a curious bug in AutoCAD. When arc segments of a polyline are drawn in a counter-clockwise direction the shapes switch rotation 180 degrees. Kind of funny-looking isn't it?
With AutoLINE you may have a block, positive dash, or negative dash (space) first in your linetype. Isn't that what flexibility is all about? AutoCAD requires that a positive length dash segment be the first item in a linetype definition.
AutoLINE supports unlimited parallel lines as part of the linetype definition. AutoCAD supports no parallel lines. With AutoCAD you must use another command, MLINE, to draw parallel lines, and unfortunetely, you can only draw straight line segments.
AutoLINE comes with 110 special linetypes which are easy to modify. AutoCAD comes with 7 special (?) linetypes which are difficult to modify and don't work very well.


There are still a bunch of line types you can't draw with AutoCAD!


Furthermore AutoLINE will allow you to trim out intersections


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