For release at 9AM Pacific Time – December 18, 2006

Autodsys Releases ArchT 2007 for AutoCAD 2004-2007

Portland, Oregon - Autodsys ( ) announced today the release of ArchT 2007 for AutoCAD versions 2004-2007 and all platforms based on AutoCAD including Architectural Desktop and Building Systems.

New features include a curtain-wall object that allows the creation of fenestrations of mullions containing both glass and doors. Curtain wall objects may stand alone or be inserted in structural walls. A new mansard roof object allows a profile to be tabulated (follow) an outline to create a roof such as might be found on a storefront, or over a garage or entrance.

The most exciting new feature is the ArchT Styles Toolbar which allows the user to more easily create and modify walls, windows, doors, and other ArchT objects. Similar to the entities properties toolbar that users are familiar with, it gives immediate feedback when an object is selected and allows the user to easily change its style or create new styles.

Other enhancements include the ability to overlap a window or opening across two walls, tapered walls with varying width, double-click editing of ArchT objects, and a new toolbar user interface. Ron Prepchuk, President of Autodsys, said, "Autodsys has made a significant investment in ArchT which is evidenced by the number of new features we have added."

About ArchT

ArchT is an award-winning architectural software package for AutoCAD and IntelliCAD. An add-on product, ArchT provides AEC-specific functionality such as 2-D production drafting utilities, style-based design features and customizable records and reports to underlying CAD packages including IntelliCAD and AutoCAD. It also provides dynamic block and layer control and its 3-D modeling tools integrate with 3-D design and visualization tools like Autodesk 3D Studio and Accurender by Robert McNeel & Associates.

ArchT has won both Cadalyst Magazine's "AEC Product of the Year" and CADENCE magazine's "Editor's Choice" awards.

About Autodsys, Inc.

Autodsys is a commercial and board member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium and developer of IntelliCAD, ArchT, and other utilities that work with both AutoCAD and IntelliCAD. Autodsys has been producing AutoCAD add-ons since 1986 and has received industry awards for its products including a "Highly Recommended" by Cadalyst Magazine.

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