For release at 9AM Pacific Time – November 20, 2008

Autodsys Releases Updated AutoLINE 2009 Linetype Manager with Proxy Graphics Display

Portland, Oregon — Autodsys, Inc. ( )  announced today the release of an updated version of AutoLINE that will display its linetypes in most applications that use the DWG drawing format.. 

The AutoCAD versions of AutoLINE have been updated to support proxy graphics in saved drawings which allows them to be viewed in any software that uses the DWGDirect libraries from the Open Design Alliance.  There are currently over 600 applications that use these libraries for reading and writing DWG files.  They may also be viewed in any version of AutoCAD without AutoLINE needing to be present.  This means that drawings with AutoLINE lines in them may be handed to virtually anyone and they will still be able to view the linetypes.  This feature may also be turned off if the user desires to reduce file sizes.

Users wishing to try AutoLINE 2009 may download it from

Key Features of AutoLINE 2009:
• AutoLINE allows blocks in linetypes instead of shapes
• AutoLINE allows any number of parallel lines in linetypes making possible a whole range of lines such as roads, walls, and barriers.
• AutoLINE allows a block, text, or negative dash first in the linetype definition. AutoCAD linetypes must include a positive, non-zero dash first. This limits flexibility and makes it very difficult to produce many of the linetypes that are so easy with AutoLINE.  With AutoLINE, if a block is first in the linetype definition it will be placed exactly on the vertices.
• AutoLINE has better options for rotating text and blocks. With AutoCAD linetypes that include text, if a line is drawn from right to left the text will be upside down. With AutoLINE there is an option so that the text will be drawn right side up.
• AutoLINE allows you to include AutoLISP expressions in the linetype definition for greater flexibility. We use this feature with our 'CONTOUR' linetype to prompt for the text to place in the line, with our 'ELEVATION' linetype to automatically assign the elevation of the line as the text in the linetype, and with our '1HOURSMOKE', 'CONVEYOR', 'STONE' and other linetypes to prompt for the width.
• AutoLINE makes it easy to create and modify new linetypes with dialog box functionality.
• AutoLINE allows polyline width (PLINEWID) and polyline linetype generation (PLINEGEN) as part of the linetype definition. As long as AutoLINE is used to draw linetypes it will make sure they are drawn correctly. With AutoCAD alone this must be managed separately.
• AutoLINE includes over 100 custom linetypes which can be modified or used as-is. Many of them would be impossible with AutoCAD alone.
• AutoLINE linetypes can be scaled by LTSCALE or forced to 1:1 scaling so they always appear the correct size regardless of LTSCALE.
• AutoLINE creates two kinds of linetypes: AutoCAD linetypes and its own special format AutoLINE linetypes. AutoLINEs own linetypes are much more flexible than AutoCADs and allow for an almost unlimited range of possibilities. Whichever kind you use (and you CAN use both), AutoLINE gives you a simple, elegant, user interface for creating, modifying, and using linetypes.

About AutoLINE
AutoLINE provides advanced linetype functionality to Autodsys AcceliCAD and to AutoCAD software from Autodesk. This includes the ability to draw parallel lines with variable width, put a block or negative dash first in the linetype definition, and to control the width of a line or what text is placed in the line on an entity-by-entity basis. AutoLINE was originally released in 1989 for AutoCAD. In 1998 it became one of the first add-on applications for IntelliCAD. AutoLINE is used by the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and thousands of engineers, surveyors, architects, and utilities all over the world.  AutoLINE has a suggested retail price of $99.

About Autodsys, Inc.
Autodsys is a privately held company, commercial and board member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium and developer of AcceliCAD, IntelliCAD, AcceliARCH (ArchT), and other utilities to increase user productivity. Autodsys has been producing AutoCAD add-ons since 1986 and has received industry awards for its products including “Highly Recommended” by Cadalyst Magazine and "Editors Choice" awards by Cadence Magazine.

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