For release at 12PM Pacific Time – July 7, 2005

Autodsys IntelliCAD 6 Available for Immediate Release 

Portland, Oregon — Autodsys  ( ) announced today the release of its own version of IntelliCAD® that contains many exclusive enhancements that build on the base IntelliCAD Technology.

Following closely on the heels of IntelliCAD 5, IntelliCAD 6 includes enhancements that boost the graphics performance between 400 and 1000%. With these enhancements IntelliCAD is now able to handle larger drawings than ever before.   In addition printing has been greatly enhanced by giving users more flexibility and control over the printing process. New print style tables allow users to still specify color-based settings, but also allow users to specify pen widths, linetypes, and lineweights regardless of color. The print style tables are stored in files (.ctb and .stb files), allowing users to apply them in other drawings and share them with other users.

In addition to these standard features Autodsys IntelliCAD also includes a number of exclusive features to improve productivity. The Aerial Birds-eye view allows users to zoom and pan in a small resizable window that gives them an overall view of their drawing when they are zoomed in. It also includes an auto-hide feature that keeps the window hidden when not in use. Edge panning and heads up display are other features that allow users to be more productive.

The block Navigator allows users to organize their blocks and commands into categories and comes with hundreds of blocks plus samples of the thousands that are available in the optional block libraries. With this tool users can visually browse thousands of blocks quickly plus it includes the ability to organize them into plan, elevation or 3D view and insert them at a specified elevation or scale.

The bonus toolkit includes over 75 tools to increase productivity including AutoLayer management to automatically put blocks and entities on the correct layer, Text tools for labeling lines, arcs, and importing text, annotation tools for labeling drawings, parallel lines and intersection clean-up, block tools with editing, search/replace, block count, and block update, plus glue line and many other tools to make editing and creating drawings easier.

“Autodsys IntelliCAD 6 is a viable alternative to much more expensive CAD software”, said Ronald Prepchuk, President of Autodsys. “IntelliCAD is truly capable of bringing affordable, high-powered CAD to the design industry.”

IntelliCAD 6 has a Suggested Retail Price of $149 to $349 depending on features. IntelliCAD was designed to be a low cost Computer Aided Design alternative by providing DWG file support as well as support for industry standard commands, menu files, script files, shape files, text fonts, hatch patterns, linetypes, LISP programs, SDS/C++ programs, and VBA programs.

About Autodsys, Inc.
Autodsys is a commercial and board member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium and developer of IntelliCAD, ArchT, and other utilities that work with both AutoCAD and IntelliCAD. Autodsys has been producing AutoCAD add-ons since 1986 and has received industry awards for its products including a “Highly Recommended” by Cadalyst Magazine.

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