For release at 9AM Pacific Time – January 12, 2007

Autodsys Announces Joint Marketing Agreement with Solustan

Portland, Oregon — Autodsys, Inc. ( announced today that it had signed an agreement with Solustan, Inc. under which they would market each other’s products and Autodsys would become the exclusive developer of IntelliCAD-based CAD software to integrate with Solustan’s LinkMotion direct-to-CAM printer driver. This new software will allow parts designers to go directly from design to manufacture. Expected availability is first quarter 2007 with a suggested retail price of less than $500.

Said Ron Prepchuk, President of Autodsys, Inc. “IntelliCAD is the low-cost standard for .dwg compatibility. We intend to build on it to create a product that will make it faster and cheaper to create a finished part.” In the past parts would be designed with CAD software and then imported into a CAM software package before being sent to the machine for milling. With this new combination designers will send their drawings straight from CAD to the cutter just as if they were sending it to a printer. Supported machines include 2 or 3 axis machines with step or servo motors, and laser machines with step, servo or Galvanometric motors. Added Ron, “Solustan is a pioneer in the field of motion control solutions and we are pleased to be working with them.”

Said Dhiren Shah, Dir. of Operations for Solustan, Inc., “LinkMotion driver software significantly cuts the system development and time to market cycle, and reduces the cost of operation for the lifetime of a system. After creating a design in one of the many popular CAD programs such as IntelliCAD the designer simply sends the design to the machine as if it were being sent to a printer. There is no need to learn a new program or create additional controller software; and no G codes to remember. ”

About AcceliCAD

AcceliCAD is based on the popular IntelliCAD software and contains all of its standard features including DWG file support as well as support for industry standard commands, menu files, script files, shape files, text fonts, hatch patterns, linetypes, LISP programs, SDS/C++ programs, and VBA programs. It also contains many advanced features that make it easier to create and edit DWG files. AcceliCAD is expected to be released in January with a suggested retail price of $375.

About Autodsys, Inc.

Autodsys is a commercial and board member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium and developer of IntelliCAD, ArchT, and other utilities that work with both AutoCAD and IntelliCAD. Autodsys has been producing AutoCAD add-ons since 1986 and has received industry awards for its products including a "Highly Recommended" by Cadalyst Magazine.

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