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AutoLINE provides advanced linetype functionality to Autodsys AcceliCAD and AutoCAD software from Autodesk. This includes not only advanced management of linetypes with an interface for modifying them but also the ability to draw parallel lines with variable width, put a block or negative dash first in the linetype definition, and to control the width of a line or what text is placed in the line on an entity-by-entity basis. AutoLINE also comes with 100 linetypes that may be customized to meet your requirements. Entities with AutoLINE linetypes assigned to them can be edited just like any other entity and options are available to allow users who donít have AutoLINE to view the linetypes on their systems.  AutoLINE was originally released in 1989 for AutoCAD. In 1998 it became one of the first add-on applications for IntelliCAD.  AutoLINE has received "Highly Recommend" ratings by Cadalyst Magazine and is used by the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and thousands of engineers, surveyors, architects, and utilities all over the world. AutoLINE has a suggested retail price of $149.

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