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Affordable Architectural Software for IntelliCAD and AutoCAD
Thoughtful features turn creativity into productivity
"Draw it Once" design
"Draw it Once"
Straightforward CAD management tools
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Affordable Architectural Software for AcceliCAD and AutoCAD  top

There's a special feeling you get from handling a tool that's perfectly suited to its job. A tool whose design anticipates your needs, and whose function expresses your intent with accuracy.  You can get that feeling with AcceliARCH architectural software, the acclaimed design tool from Autodsys.

Thoughtful Features Turn Creativity Into Productivity  top

AcceliARCH's thoughtfully-implemented features help turn your best ideas into fully-documented and detailed designs. Quickly draw essential elements such as walls, windows, doors, roofs, stairways, water closet stalls, handicap stalls, structural grids, and parking stalls using AcceliARCH's library of standard styles. Edit and preview styles in an easy-to-use dialog box, or even create new styles to perfectly suit a given project. To review or present your design in progress, switch to a 3D view whenever you wish. AcceliARCH also features dozens of handy utilities to speed 2D production drafting.

Access AcceliARCH commands via your choice of three concise pulldown menus, a customizable toolbar, or in Navigator, AcceliARCH's visual interface. Navigator gives you quick visual access to all the commands, plus previews and insertion options for AcceliARCH's comprehensive block library. This meticulously drawn library contains over 7,000 2D and 3D blocks for commercial, residential and sitework design, plus ADA symbols. Categories include furniture, fixtures, tags, doors, windows, sitework, ADA, retail, and civic, with additional symbols for HVAC, plumbing and electrical.

"Draw it Once" Design  top

To create a successful design, architect and client must effectively communicate their ideas. This often requires multiple presentations as a design matures. Design revisions typically required costly and time-consuming redrawing.

Continued development of this sensible approach makes AcceliARCH the most advanced, most mature architectural software available for IntelliCAD and AutoCAD users today.

"Draw it Once"  top

Our "Draw it Once" concept has guided the creation and implementation of AcceliARCH from day one. No one enjoys drawing the same thing over and over as other elements of the design change. That's why we designed AcceliARCH to handle the geometry while you explore options, creating and revising until you reach a satisfying conclusion. In their 5-Star endorsement, CADALYST magazine calls our approach "intelligent, almost magical." Once you experience it, you too will discover just how liberating "Draw it Once" can be.

Straightforward CAD Management Tools  top

The "Draw it Once" philosophy applies to both the creation and management of a design. To achieve consistency throughout a project, specify "styles" for essential building elements. To establish a layering system, pick one of eight pre-defined layering systems, including A.I.A. short and long formats, or define your own. You'll discover that AcceliARCH only creates layers when objects get placed on them, so drawing size is kept to a minimum.

AcceliARCH integrates easily with other IntelliCAD and AutoCAD applications, and provides direct links to the built-in rendering features of AutoCAD 2000-2009 and AccuRender3, the Architectural Graphics Standards CD-ROM from John Wiley & Sons, and the Precision Estimating Series from Timberline Software (an extra-charge option). Even IntelliCAD and AutoCAD stations without AcceliARCH can open and edit your designs.

The Architect's Natural Choice  top

AcceliARCH offers demonstrable benefits to your architectural practice that improve the quality of your work while reducing costs. You'll find AcceliARCH to be the fastest, most affordable way to increase your productivity.

System Requirements  top

  • License for either Autodsys AcceliCAD, IntelliCAD or AutoCAD 2013-2018, or software based on these AutoCAD platforms including Architectural Desktop, Building Systems, and Map.
  • Operating Systems: Windows Vista  7, 8 , and 10
  • Hard disk space: 250MB (typical)
  • Memory: 2GB RAM

Key Features  top

  • Intelligent, style-based walls, doors, windows and stairs with selective and global update options
  • Records, Schedules and Reports, even across XREFs
  • ObjectARX™ steel and wood detailing in AutoCAD
  • 7000 2D and 3D blocks including ADA symbols, commercial, residential and sitework blocks
  • Layer management - Implement AIA layering conventions, or use your own unique system.
  • Keynoting with automated legend creation
  • Associative tags
  • 3D modeling, perspective tools, presentation tools including walk-thru and slideshow capabilities.
  • Time-saving utilities, including parking layout, roof layout, automated sections and elevations, column grid layout, reflected ceiling plans, floor copy, curved and spiral stairs, and much more
  • Support for native-AutoCAD editing commands, which work appropriately with AcceliARCH assemblies (ERASE a wall, MOVE a door, COPY a window, etc.)
  • Mouse right-click for quick access to specific commands










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