Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who uses AcceliARCH?

A. Users of Autodsys AcceliARCH include Sandia National Laboratory, Walt Disney World, Honda Motors of America, United States Post Office, Architects Southwest, Chary & SigŁenza Architects, Design Lead, Fuqua Osborn Architects, and many others.  There are over 20,000 users worldwide of AcceliARCH in over 30 countries. 

Q. I already have Architectural Desktop, why should I purchase AcceliARCH?

A. AcceliARCH is a great add-on or replacement for Architectural Desktop.  Many designers find it easier to create drawings with AcceliARCH and so use it instead of Desktop.  Others use AcceliARCH with Desktop for its blocks libraries and keynoting features.  Although Desktop may have been modeled after AcceliARCH, AcceliARCH is still the original and easiest to use.

Q. Will AcceliARCH work with AutoCAD LT?

A. No.  AutoCAD LT does not have the features necessary to support AcceliARCH or other add-ons.  AcceliARCH requires LISP, ADS (C++), VBA, and three-dimensional editing and rendering, features available in AutoCAD and IntelliCAD but not LT. If you are looking for a less expensive alternative to AutoCAD that is still compatible but supports 3rd party apps like AcceliARCH, take a look at IntelliCAD.  It is less expensive, more compatible, and more powerful than AutoCAD LT . 

Q. Will AcceliARCH work with other versions of IntelliCAD?

A. We can only guarantee that AcceliARCH works with Autodsys IntelliCAD.  That is because Autodsys has done the development work to make AcceliARCH and IntelliCAD work together and other vendors of IntelliCAD may not have.

Q. Are there differences between the AutoCAD and IntelliCAD versions of AcceliARCH?

A. Yes, and you should refer here for a complete list.

Q. I own a old copy of AcceliARCH, am I eligible for an upgrade?

A. If we can verify that you are an existing user you are eligible for the upgrade price.  Our records contain more than 95% of existing users.

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